Bullet Shapes

Product List

HRBC offers a high performance dry lubrication on all of our projectiles.

Only Certified “Virgin Bullet Alloy” not recycled, is used in the production process of HRBC projectles, giving pistol calibers a rated hardness of #7 Saeco scale or #16 Brinell Hardness Scale. The product tables are for standard sizes, but are able to provide you something customised to your individual needs so give us a call or send an email to see what we can do for you.

Item NameBase Std Size
25-20 85gn Round Nose Flat PointFB0.257
.308 165gn Round Nose Flat Point - “Sil”GC0.308
30-30 165gn Round Nose Flat PointBB0.308
.310 128gn Round Nose CadetHEELED0.323
.310 122gn Round Nose Flat PointFB0.316
32-20 115gn Round Nose Flat PointBB0.313
32-40 170gn Round Nose Flat PointBB0.322
.32 78gn Round NoseBB0.314
.32 98gn Button Nose WadcutterBB0.314
8mm 100gn Round Nose NAMBUFB0.321
8mm 190gn Round NoseGC0.324
.380 95gn Round NoseBB0.355
38-40 180gn Round Nose Flat PointBB0.401
38-55 245gn Round Nose Flat PointBB0.375
45-.38 160gn Round NoseBB0.357
.457 143gn Round BallRolled0.457
9mm/.38 Super 100gn Semi WadcutterBB0.356
9mm/.38 Super 105gn Flat Point Double Ended WadcutterBB0.356
9mm/.38 Super 115gn Round NoseBB0.356
9mm/.38 Super 115gn Semi WadcutterBB0.356
9mm/.38 Super 120gn ConicalFB0.356
9mm/.38 Super 120gn Semi WadcutterBB0.356
9mm/.38 Super 120gn Semi Wadcutter (NLG)FB0.356
9mm/.38 Super 122gn Round Nose Flat PointBB0.356
9mm/.38 Super 124gn Round NoseBB0.356
9mm/.38 Super 125gn ConicalBB0.356
9mm/.38 Super 125gn Semi WadcutterBB0.356
9mm/.38 Super 125gn Round NoseBB0.356
9mm/.38 Super 125gn Round Nose, Flat PointBB0.356
9mm/.38 Super 126gn Flat Point (NLG)FB0.356
9mm/.38 Super 128gn Round Nose WadcutterBB0.356
9mm/.38 Super 135gn Round NoseBB0.356
9mm/.38 Super 135gn Round Nose (NLG)FB0.356
9mm/.38 Super 135gn Semi WadcutterFB0.356
9mm/.38 Super 140gn Flat PointBB0.356
9mm/.38 Super 140gn Semi WadcutterFB0.356
9mm/.38 Super 145gn Round Nose (NLG)BB0.356
9mm/.38 Super 145gn Semi WadcutterBB0.356
9mm/.38 Super 147gn Flat PointBB0.356
9mm/.38 Super 148gn Spear PointFB0.356
9mm/.38 Super 148gn Round NoseBB0.356
9mm/.38 Super 160gn Round NoseBB0.356
.38 100gn Semi WadcutterBB0.357
.38 110gn Button Nose WadcutterFB0.357
.38 105gn Flat Point Double Ended WadcutterBB0.357
.38 115gn Round NoseBB0.357
.38 115gn Semi WadcutterBB0.357
.38 120gn ConicalFB0.357
.38 120gn Semi WadcutterBB0.357
.38 120gn Semi Wadcutter (NLB)FB0.357
.38 122gn Round Nose Flat PointBB0.357
.38 124gn Round NoseBB0.357
.38 125gn ConicalBB0.357
.38 125gn Flat PointBB0.357
.38 125gn Semi WadcutterBB0.357
.38 125gn Round NoseBB0.357
.38 125gn Round Nose Flat PointBB0.357
.38 126gn Flat Point (FB)BB0.357
.38 128gn Round Nose WadcutterBB0.357
.38 130gn Round Nose Flat PointBB0.357
.38 135gn Round NoseBB0.357
.38 135gn Round Nose (NLG)FB0.357
.38 135gn Button Nose WadcutterBB0.357
.38 135gn Semi WadcutterFB0.357
.38 140gn Flat PointBB0.357
.38 140gn Semi WadcutterFB0.357
.38 145gn Round Nose(NLG)BB0.357
.38 145gn Semi WadcutterBB0.357
.38 147gn Flat PointBB0.357
.38 148gn Button Nose WadcutterBB0.357
.38 148gn Double Ended WadcutterDBB0.357
.38 148gn Spear PointFB0.357
.38 148gn Round NoseBB0.357
.38 150gn Semi WadcutterBB0.357
.38 158gn Flat PointBB0.357
.38 158gn Round NoseBB0.357
.38 158gn Round Nose Flat PointBB0.357
.38 158gn Semi WadcutterBB0.357
.38 160gn Round NoseBB0.357
.38 200gn Flat PointBB0.357
.38 200gn Truncated Cone Flat PointGC0.357
10mm/.40 140gn Flat PointBB0.401
10mm/.40 155gn Round NoseBB0.401
10mm/.40 155gn Semi WadcutterBB0.401
10mm/.40 175gn Semi WadcutterBB0.401
10mm/.40 180gn Flat PointBB0.401
10mm/.40 200gn Flat PointBB0.401
10mm/.40 210gn Round NoseBB0.401
.44-40 180gn Flat PointBB0.427
.44-40 200gn Round Nose Flat PointBB0.427
.44-40 240gn Semi WadcutterBB0.427
.44-40 240gn Round Nose Flat PointBB0.427
.44 180gn Flat PointBB0.429
.44 200gn Round Nose Flat PointBB0.429
.44 240gn Semi WadcutterBB0.429
.44 240gn Round Nose Flat PointBB0.429
.45 155gn Semi WadcutterFB0.451
.45 160gn Round Nose Flat PointBB0.452
.45 185gn Semi WadcutterBB0.451
.45 200gn Round NoseBB0.451
.45 200gn Round Nose Flat PointBB0.452
.45 200gn Semi Wadcutter (NLG)BB0.451
.45 230gn Round NoseBB0.451
.45 250gn Round Nose Flat Point Long coltBB0.452
.45-70 300gn Flat PointBB0.458
.45-70 350gn Round Nose Flat PointBB0.458
.45-70 405gn Round Nose Flat PointBB0.458
.45-70 515gn Round NoseFB0.458
.50 330gn Round Nose Flat PointBB0.501
9mm /.38 Super 125gn FP BB.356
9mm /.38 Super 145gn RNBB.356
.38 145gn RN (NLG)FP.357